PMI-ACP Practice Test 01 - Review

  1. A project was considered as challenged since it went over budget and beyond schedule when it was completed for a total cost of $3 million.  But the clients eventually claimed it to be a success.  Which one of the following reasons could potentially justify their claims?

(A)      The business was affected seriously since budget re-allocation had to be performed to fund the project to completion
(B)      The clients ended up spending an extra $2 million on this project
(C)      The project was estimated to save the client organization 20 man-years worth of man power
(D)      A review report after 12 months indicated that the client saved $11 million

Answer D


Why (D): This is stating the fact, that has already occurred
Why NOT (A): Actually stating what the question says and is not adding anything to the client's claim to success
Why NOT (B): Indirectly stated in the question (over budget)
Why NOT (C): This looks promising, but a closer look makes it clear that this is only an “estimate”, with no guarantee of this happening


The Art of Agile Development - James Shore & Shane Warden, chap 1, page 4

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