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PMI-ACP Practice Test 01 - Review

 8.      Some organizations practicing Agile sincerely have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  But for the others, initial successes don’t seem to be sustained in the long run.  All of the following reasons could explain this situation, EXCEPT:

(A)      Agile is initiated as a grass roots movement at the developer level.  Customers and management may not be on board
(B)      Agile is seen as a silver bullet, a quick and easy fix to complexity issues prevalent in software development, leading to failed expectations
(C)      Teams and organizations embrace change gracefully, since Agile believes that the only constant is ‘change’
(D)      Agile maybe misapplied in organizations with lack of team support or where the code base is too complex and unmaintainable

Answer C


Question is lamenting the fact that agile successes are NOT translated in the long run and there are three options which justify reasons to this failure.  Therefore, we need to identify one option which is a weaker argument to the "failure" cause.
Why (C): Argues for agile success and not failure
Why NOT (A): If customers and management are not supporting, agile will not work 
Why NOT (B): Agile is not a "one size fits all" solution, and hence the failure
Why NOT (D): If not properly applied or lacks team support, agile will still fail!


Becoming Agile: …in an imperfect world, Greg Smith & Ahmed Sidky, page xvii (foreword)

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